Kristen Bell channeled her inner Garth Brooks at the Super Bowl, and tbh we just love it whenever she sings

In case you missed it, Kristen Bell was in a Super Bowl commercial and it was ah-mazing. Technically she was a part of a pre-game musical clip, but it was pretty much the best thing ever.

On Sunday, ahead of the Super Bowl festivities, FOX had a hilarious group of people team up and channel their inner Garth Brooks.

County music fans all know that Brooks sings, “Friends in Low Places,” and now there is a football version of his song to jam along to.

During the pre-show, Rob Riggle, who is a comedian and therefore funny by nature, kicked off the new version of “Friends in Low Places,” and we are forever grateful.

The performance included Bell, because she’s awesome, John Travolta, Aaron Paul, Weird Al Yankovich and more. It was really funny and joked about fans and celebrities who like teams that didn’t make it to the big game.


From the beginning, Riggle revealed “I root for the Chiefs, that’s just my beliefs, and I’m bummed by season’s end.”

"Like Garth in his song, today our teams don't belong, but we're going to love them anyways," Paul sings alongside Riggle.

“We love teams with lower draft picks,” another celeb pipes in, while wearing their favorite team’s gear.

Our favorite moment is when Bell comes on screen in a sparkly ensemble for her Detroit Lions. Seriously, her glitter onesie is too awesome.

Throughout the song, the stars honor the 30 teams that didn’t make it to the Super Bowl. Travolta however, is a diehard New England Patriots fans, so his tune was much happier. He tries to get everyone to root for his team, but they love their guys and can’t jump ship.

Check out the entire video above and try not to get this tune stuck in your head.

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