So the Super Bowl just got a million times more interesting

After months of speculation, it’s been confirmed: Katy Perry will be performing at the 2015 Super Bowl Halftime Show! In honor of the announcement, Katy Perry released a “Hyped for Halftime” promo video yesterday. True to Katy’s character, it’s all things whimsical and witty:

In the video, she leads us around her fanciful “Halftime Show Testing Facility.” She even quips about bringing thousands of kittens and covering the stadium in edible glitter. Seriously, though, all of that would be A-OK with us, Katy.

In keeping with Superbowl’s past, Katy alludes to a performance from “a very special guest.” Considering a handful her hits feature other artists like Juicy J and Kanye West, we’re thinking this could mean cameos and collaborations up the wazoo. You have our permission!

Aside from her performance, her sense of humor alone is reason enough to be excited. Maybe she’ll bring one of her many caricatures to the show? Not to mention, the Halftime Show probably has a colossal budget, which can only mean two things: great production value and even greater outfits.

The game is slated for February 1st at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Let the games begin!

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