The Super Blood Wolf Moon is about to stir up major emotions in your zodiac sign

If you’ve been wallowing through the January blahs (and who hasn’t?), hold onto your throw blankets and hot water bottles, because we’re in for a humdinger of a full moon this week. The Super Blood Wolf Moon will come into our lives on January 20th, along with a total lunar eclipse, so be prepared to have your world rocked.

Don’t let its scary name fool you: this is the moon we’ve been waiting for this year. As we’ve been plotting and planning and, basically, being serious AF about our lives for the last few weeks (thanks, Capricorn season) we’ve forgotten what it means to feel alive and present in our everyday experiences. We’ve lost touch with the big and small pleasures of life in favor of scheming and scheduling. Well, no more! Because this supermoon is happening in fun-loving Leo, be prepared to feel all sorts of glamorous and gregarious. Don’t be surprised if you’re ready to hit the town with your squad, hungry for flirtatious experiences, or just ready to own the spotlight.

According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, a “lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes into the shadow of the Earth, which causes the usually bright moon to turn a dark, ominous red,” which is why it’s called a “blood” moon. This full moon is also known as the Wolf Moon, because, traditionally, this is the time of year when packs of wolves howl at the moon. How fitting that it’s in attention-seeking Leo!

This surge in energy coincides with rebellious and innovative Aquarius season, meaning we’re in for unexpected experiences and creative opportunities that might change up the plans we’ve been busy working on thus far. Relax and trust. This is the way it’s supposed to be. Embody the confidence of bold Leo and open yourself up to what life is serving you right now.


It feels like you’ve been grinding but not making traction, Aries. Trust what you cannot see. Chill out a bit and see what happens. A night on the town will do you good.


You need to go back and redo the thing you don’t want to do, Taurus. Your reflex is to procrastinate and hide. But you’ll feel more empowered by action—and you’ll get what you want.


Surprise, surprise. You’re in your head, Gemini, and it’s leading you nowhere good fast. Do what you need to do to get more in touch with your body. Dancing, working out, writing, sex. Do it all.


You’re feeling a little needy, Cancer. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel close to those you love. Express your love and desires, and don’t hold back. You are loved.


You’re ready to slay, Leo. If you needed that nudge to promote, publish, or put yourself out there in the dating world again, this would be it. You’re on fire. Don’t dim your light.


You’ve got a million things to cover, Virgo, but your to-do list can wait. What makes you feel good? What gives you pleasure? A massage? A good meal? Whatever that is, treat yo’self.


You’re feeling bad about something you said or did, Libra. Resentments and regrets are poison to the soul. Apologize and make your amends, and then forgive yourself. It’s okay not to be perfect.


You’re ready for take-off, Scorpio. You’re more open to an expansive and free life than ever before. Indulge your whims and passions, and chase your wildest dreams. You deserve it.


You’re feeling stuck, Sag. This is an unusual position for you. Don’t try to run from it (that won’t work anyway). Sit with it. Listen to what your soul is telling you. It’s okay to be still sometimes.


You’re craving connection, Capricorn. You have a stirring in your soul for someone, and you want them bad. So, make that call. Or write out your wish for a lover, and trust that it will come true.


You’ve got a million ideas, Aquarius, and you’re ready to conquer the world. Focus that positive energy on one idea and go all in on it. Being clear will bring the results you desire.


You’re waiting for something or someone to give you the clarity or closure you seek, Pisces. However, most times, we must give that to ourselves in order to move on. Do it. And be free.

As always, full moons bring up a lot of emotions and feelings. Feel the feels and follow the flow of the Universe, bbs. Trust that you’re on the right path, and don’t forget to lean on your wolf pack for support.

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