“Sunset tea” is basically a liquid rainbow and who doesn’t want to drink a liquid rainbow?

While we were busy slurping down all the pumpkin-flavored drinks in our immediate vicinity, this gorgeous sunset tea we spied at Cosmopolitan almost slipped right by us. But, boy are we glad we caught a glimpse because it is basically a liquid rainbow and we’re officially adding it to our list of fall drink faves.

The blue, purple and yellow-layered drink is formally known as a hibiscus tea named orange yuzu and can only be found at Pearl’s Finest Teas in West Hollywood. (*sobs*) We’d certainly be down to gulp a gallon (or two) of this yum-inducing tea, but that might be difficult to do because we can’t stop staring at it:

Ugh, gorgeous! It’s hard to believe that such a beautiful drink was created by accident. Pearl’s Finest Teas founder Phong Trinh told Popsugar that he made the drink by mistake. Oh, and don’t even ask about the ingredients because Trinh’s lips are sealed, which is the complete opposite of what our lips would be if we could get our paws on this delish-looking drink.

But, what we do know about orange yuzu is that it contains all natural ingredients, is undeniably dreamy and complements a manicure really well:


Looks even better in the light:

Whew! The thirst is so real right now.