Sunset hair is a thing, and it is glorious

It seems that all those sunset pics on your Instagram have finally inspired a beauty movement: sunset hair. Yes, you read that right. #Sunsethair is a the latest in the ombre hair trend, using the technique to waterfall down hair in the many shades of a sunset, with an effect that mimics the actual thing. Isn’t it absolutely gorgeous?

There’s also definitely no shortage of ways to mimic the effect of a sunset. You can go with a tropical sunset, a darker, desert sunset, or a city sunset – whatever your heart (and hair!) desire. This color technique uses shades of blonde, purple, red, blue, pink, and orange to get the look, letting one melt into the other for the desired effect.  

You can be as subtle or as bold as you want with this look. Imitating cotton candy skies with shades of pink and orange in your hair looks majestic, but opting for more neutral shades of brown, blonde, and red have just as stunning an effect.

One other great thing about this trend is that it can actually be adapted for any hair color, whether you’re naturally blonde, brunette, a redhead, or somewhere in-between. Goodbye, rainbow hair. Hello, sunset hair!

(Image via Instagram)