These sunrise eyeshadow looks have us feeling like morning people at last

Have trouble getting up in the morning? These sunrise eyeshadow styles should help you become a morning person in no time at all, whether you’re wearing them or just looking at them. With mermaid hair and rainbow lashes out there, are we surprised #sunriseeyes are next?!

This brings a whole new meaning to “rise and shine”:

Or maybe a rainbow sunrise is more your thing:

Or you can try out this “Malibu Barbie” look:

Or maybe you prefer more yellows than pinks in your sunrise:

And these have a mermaid twist:

You can create the look for yourself — it all depends on what kind of sunrise you want. With so many colorful eyeshadow palettes out there, the possibilities truly are endless.

But where did sunrise eyes even come from?

Perhaps the trend was inspired by Chanel. Earlier this year, the brand launched their Spring 2016 Collection called “Collection L.A. Sunrise.” They described it as:

“Discover a colour collection that reveals the vibrant mood of an endless Los Angeles summer. Flashes of purple, teal and green capture the city’s carefree spirit, while a dreamy spectrum of pink, coral and raspberry shades evoke the California morning skies.”

You can go for a classic sunrise look:


Buy Chanel’s Sunkiss Ribbon Blush ($70.00) & Beverly Hills Eyeshadow Quad ($61.00) here. (Btw, we used the blush on our eyes, too, so don’t be fooled by the word “blush”!)

Or maybe you want to go for a more subtle sunrise:


Buy Maybelline’s The Blushed Nudes® Eye Shadow Palette ($11.99) here.

Or this look’s more-than-subtle but not too in-your-face (or eyes, as it were):


Buy Urban Decay’s Moondust Palette from Sephora ($49.00) here.

Can’t decide? You can always build your own palette:


Buy NYX Cosmetics’ Custom 9-Shadow Pro Palette ($10.00) here.

If you’re not the best with eyeshadow (I can’t be the only one!), you can always check out videos on how to create #sunriseeyes for yourself.

Whatever shades of sky you decide on, remember one thing: There’s the perfect “sunrise” out there for all of us.