4 times we’ve had *bad* sunburns in *strange* places on our bodies

It’s no secret that summertime is our *favorite* season. For three-plus months, we’re all about the warm weather, the cool breezes, and the excuse to eat a Popsicle any time we want. That’s why we put up with the bug bites, the smell of chlorine in our hair, the sand in our car, and drips of ice cream down the front of our sundress. (Oh, no one else has that last problem?)

But there’s one part of these long, sunny days that just don’t have a bright side. Yep, we’re talking about sunburn. Of course, we slather ourselves everywhere with SPF anytime we’re outside, but sometimes, accidents happen . . . and sometimes they happen in places we never would have expected. Here are four times we had bad sunburns in strange places:


“I’ve got a sunburn on the bottom of my feet. I didn’t even know that was POSSIBLE, but I was laying out in the sun reading when the sun was very low in the sky, and long story short, I didn’t walk for a while.”


“I made the mistake of going to Palm Springs in the worst part of summer (August) and got a terrible sunburn on my cleavage which resulted in sun poisoning! Never again!”


“At summer camp once, I sunburnt all over, including the tops of my ears. It was the worst thing ever, and I had to sleep on my back because lying on my sides hurt too much. The tops of my shoulders were also so badly burnt that I couldn’t lift my arms above my head to change my shirts, so I got out of PE at school for over a week!”


“I just always forget to really get in there when applying sunscreen, and the backs of my legs and butt are always the biggest victims. The worst was one summer when I put aloe on my butt and thighs, turned a fan onto them, and just cried because I was in so much pain, and the next day, had to hobble to an internship interview in tight, rough, work pants.”

Have you ever had a really rotten sunburn? Let us know in the comments!

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