The Sun Opposition Saturn Is Happening—Here’s What This Means

Expect your confidence to be knocked down.

On August 2nd, the vibrant Leo sun shares an opposition with the austere planet Saturn, which is retrograde in Aquarius. This will make you feel as though you’re not being seen by others in the way that you want. Your confidence may be at a low, urging you to re-evaluate and spruce up the relationship you have with yourself.

In astrology, the sun represents your ego and will. When the sun is in the sign of Leo, it asks you to focus on the areas of your life and self that bring you joy and love. The sun in Leo is the time of the summer when you shine bright and use your drive to attain greatness. 

Saturn is known to be a heavier planet that makes you look at your life from an intense perspective. Saturn allows you to see what is needed to make changes for the better. It also urges you to do the work that’s needed in order to attain greatness, which is something you may not want to do because you’re not willing to put the energy and time towards elevating your vibe. When Saturn is retrograde in Aquarius, which it is now, you take a distant look at the way you are connecting with others and the world at large to see if the path you are on needs to change. Odds are that it does, which is why it’s a time to focus on this soulful evolution. 

The juxtaposing energy between the sun and Saturn can create tension, but ultimately, aims to allow you to take note of what needs to grow and blossom in your personal world. Times may be tough, as you will feel it is though you’re not being seen. But the matter to focus on is how you feel, see, and view yourself—not the energy that others give or don’t give you.

Below is your sun opposition Saturn horoscope. Make sure to read your rising sign, too.


There seems to be a bit of tension brewing between your boo and your friends. In order to remedy the friction that is beginning to rise. It’s important for you to understand and accept that they may not get along in the immediate future—but they will in time.


Your home life is anything less than important, which is why you have to stop making yourself feel as though you’ve become basic. You’re anything but that. If you’re feeling that your life could use some sprucing up, then do something bold and daring to elevate your inner vibe.


You don’t always have to have the last word in an argument. Once you’ve proved your point and made a sweeping statement, it’s time to quit the discussion and move on. If you cannot then you can assure yourself that the situation will not be resolved, instead, it’ll go on.


Boundaries are always a good thing to have in relationships, even if you don’t necessarily adhere to them all the time. The reason being is because you can ensure that everyone is staying in their lane and not overstepping, which is something you don’t like your friends doing.


PSA: This isn’t the best week for relationships. Jealousies you or your partner may be feeling will come to a head within your intimate connections, leading to temporary breakups, shake-ups, and drama. Therefore, it’s important to take a step back from arguments when they arise to skip the negativity. 


You could use a break from work right now. All the more reason for you to plan a mini-vacation for yourself to get away from the intense daily grind that you have fallen into. Having a break will be the best way to recharge your batteries for the future.  


Your love life may be rich and flourishing, but your friendships could use a little attention. Your squad is feeling left out from your life due to your budding romance. Give them a little more TLC than you have recently to make them feel like they are important and special.


Your home life seems a little bit dreary at the moment, which is why you’ve been giving your all to work. Finding a balance between the two parts of your life is going to be challenging, but necessary right now to ensure you don’t exhaust your energy. 


It’s okay to keep your frustrations at bay and hidden from others. Overexerting yourself can lead to major drama with those you care about if you’re not careful. You don’t have to constantly assert yourself to prove your point. If others want to banter, you can simply disengage from it.


The sun and Saturn retrograde opposition offer you the chance to make a financial change. You can attain a reset button around money matters, thanks to a cosmic energy at play that will offer you not only extra cash but also a lucrative advancement if you’re willing to take it. 


This is your wake-up call! You’re deciding to consciously uncouple with others who haven’t been completely honest with you. This transit will unmask life-altering truths and deceptions that will shock you at first, but ultimately, open your eyes to situations that you’ve been blind to in the past. 


Your life is busier than ever from mundane activities, instead of running around and rushing through projects, take time away from overexertion and spend time relaxing. You can work hard, as long as you give the same amount of energy towards implementing R&R into your daily routine.