This playlist is the definition of #summervibes

It’s summertime! I’ve been drinking lemonade — Beyoncé’s and some actual lemonade that was on sale at Whole Foods. All summer activities need music to set the mood, so we created a summer vibes playlist. This playlist has everything you need — ladies dominating the pop music world, siblings creating killer dance music, bands that transport you to a tropical island, and newcomers that will knock your flip-flops right off. (Note: “Hold Up” would for sure be on this playlist if Bey’s album was on Spotify!)

Fleur East, Hailee Steinfeld, and Fifth Harmony are killing the pop music game. You may have seen Fleur East on Kathie Lee and Hoda, last season’s Dancing With The Stars finale, or even as a runner-up on UK’s The X Factor. You start the day with breakfast, so I figured “Breakfast” was the best way to start this playlist. Hailee Steinfeld is on all my kickass ladies playlists. Her EP is pop-filled, catchy, and dare I say pitch perfect. I think we’re on the right side of rock bottom because I seriously keep on coming back for more. I’ve always loved Fifth Harmony and I’m so happy they’re finally getting more recognition. “All In My Head (Flex)” is the perfect sexy summer song to party, dance, or you know like flex to.

St. Lucia, MisterWives, The Mowgli’s, and The Rival all create dreamy indie-pop rock that makes me want to be carefree and just dance in the sun. The Rival is a pretty new band compared to the others and the duo, Allen Salmon and Phillip LaRue, created the perfect falling in “summer” love song with their single “When I’m With You (Walking On Air).” Another newcomer, Stevie (B Wolf) with the good hair and good tunes is a Brooklyn-based indie pop singer/songwriter. For 2016, he’s working hard on recording one feel-good song a month!

Bands that I couldn’t have a summer playlist without: HIGHS’ debut record is full of summer feels. On “Acting Strange,” Karrie Douglas takes the lead on vocals and makes us swoon. If you want to feel like you’re in Cali, Miniature Tigers is the best band to listen to. The Aussie band, Jinja Safari, transports you to an island where you’d just want to surf all day and I don’t even surf.

Summertime also reminds me of The O.C., so obviously if I hear a song that could’ve been on the show, then that song is on the playlist. PHASES’ “Cooler,” Savoir Adore’s “Giants,” and The Knocks’ “I Wish (My Taylor Swift)” fit right into that category.

The sibling band roundup includes Tegan and Sara, The Heirs and Good Graeff (also twin sisters!). All adding feel-good, dance pop songs to the playlist. I’m obsessed with Tegan and Sara’s new album Love You To Death. It’s filled with ’80s pop amazingness. Oh and you may have heard Good Graeff’s “I Want That” playing during the Ray’s coffee shop scene in the season 5 Girls‘ finale. The song will add chill vibes to any beach day.

There’s no summertime sadness in this playlist. It’s perfect for pool hopping, sunbathing, lounging on your swan or pizza-shaped float, digging your toes in the sand, or just hanging inside with the air conditioner blasting. So protect yo’ self with some sunscreen and treat yo’ self with this sweet summer vibes playlist.

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