These summer sunglasses are perfect for every look

I love everything about summer style, from the flowy fabrics and creative cutouts to fringe accents and bright, fun prints. With that said, there are a lot of days when staying cool and comfortable in the sweltering summer heat starts to become more of a priority than picking out a super-stylish outfit. When humidity kicks in and high temperatures take over, I find myself quickly falling into a routine of denim shorts and plain tees, which is cute, but after a week of wearing the same three pieces on loop, can start to feel boring. I want to switch up my look on a daily basis, but in a way that won’t make me a sweaty monster (or break the bank!)

Enter: Accessories. These are the statement pieces that will take your summer basics to the next level. Adding a pair of shoes, some jewelry, or a hat that you love can add a really personal and expressive touch to your look, which is always vital to a Style File outfit. The best thing about accessorizing is that, in addition to bringing a really special and personal look to your outfit, it allows you to switch things up quickly, easily and on a budget.

I could go on and on about the glory of accessories, but let’s get to what this post is really about: Sunglasses. The accessory above all accessories. There’s something about the reflective mirror lenses that have always caught my eye. These classic and chic outfit makers manage to capture the creativity and originality of both the designer and costumer.  Each pair is so unique; from the shape of the frame, to the color of the lenses, to the carefully added on details and patterns. Plus, they have UV protection!

Sunnies are so playful and expressive; they’re the perfect summer accessory to take your simple go-to’s to a whole new level of you! Keep reading for ten pairs of shades to experiment with all summer long, and keep an eye outfit for the next Style File column, all about swimwear!

Cutting-Edge Cat Eye

Quay Big City Kitti Sunglasses, $45

Playful Frames

Dolls Kill Aliens Say Hey Sunglasses, $50

Sweet and Simple

Toms Traveler Sunglasses, $68

Bright and Bold

Steve Madden Semi Rimless Sunglasses, $38

Statement Frame

Gasoline Glamour Pizza Glasses, $50

Retro Rad

ASOS Chunky Kitten Sunglasses, $22

Detailed and Daring

Urban OG Lattice Cat Eye Sunglasses, $10

Gold Glam

Quay Day to Urbanite Sunglasses, $50

Mod Mirrors

Nasty Gal One Sharp Kitty Holographic Shades, $20

Color Splash

BooHoo Keira Colour Pop Sunglasses, $8

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