Summer Songs to Distract You ‘Til You Can Get to the Beach Again

It’s finally summer, you guys! The only thing holding me back from hitting the beach immediately is, well, everything. I have a day job, I don’t have a car, I think I left all of my bathing suits at my parents’ house when I moved. Oh, and I sunburn so easily that my family called me a lobster for an entire summer. Other than all that, I ‘m ready to go! Get me out of this cubicle! I’ll wear so much sunscreen, I swear! All I need now is the right soundtrack to get me through the everyday mundane ‘meh’ness that surrounds me.

I know how hard it can be to focus at work, or at home, when you know it’s a beautiful day outside and you are stuck behind a desk. Actually, I’m pretty sure it’s one of the circles of hell in Dante’s Inferno. You should be wearing short shorts, not your business casual top. You should be reading a book on the beach, listening to the ocean, not pouring over spreadsheets and listening to the IT guy chat with his girlfriend.

Well trust me, as much as it may feel like it, I promise you are not wasting away in that beige office. It’s true you can’t listen to a real ocean right now, but at least you can listen to these songs I found. They won’t give you a tan but they will help you focus (or at least smile) so you can get out of work sooner.

Here’s our Hello Giggles Summer Work Mix to keep you motivated until it’s beach time:

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