The shoes you should kick it in this summer, based on your zodiac sign

Now that Memorial Day has arrived, we can finally embrace summer with open arms and bare toes. As the temperature soars, we’re kicking our leather booties to the side in favor of some lighter shoes, strappy sandals, and open-toed heels. Whether you’re the type to find one solid pair of slip-ons and wear them til the season ends or whether you tend to flaunt a new pair every week, there’s a summer shoe style you’re bound to love. If you’re not sure what pair to buy, though, you can consult the stars for some shoe guidance that will speak to you on a celestial level.

Astrologer Lisa Stardust tells HelloGiggles that each zodiac sign has its own style preference—and that definitely applies to the shoes you’ll be strutting in this summer. Here’s her take on what pair likely appeals to you most, based on your sun sign.

Aries: Allbirds Tree Loungers


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Even during the most chill season of the year, you’re a very busy person, Aries, so you need shoes that are quick to put on and comfy. “Being that you are energetic and athletic, you’ll want to wear cool slip-ons this summer,” Stardust says. In case you’re new to the Allbirds fan club, wearing sneaks from this brand is like walking on an environmentally sustainable cloud. We’ve walked all day in the Tree Loungers and didn’t get a single blister.

Taurus: UGG Trina Ribbon Tie Wedge Sandal


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Taurus, you like to mix your earthy vibes with a sense of luxury from your guiding planet, Venus, which is why you’re probably opting for something a little fancy. “You’re a fashionista who likes to wear simpler styles, which is why the wedge shoe is perfect for you,” Stardust says. We know you’ll fall in love with UGG Trina Ribbon Tie Wedges to flaunt on those hot summer nights.

Gemini: Anthropologie Tabitha Heels


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When it comes to your summer shoes, you’re going to want something that gets people talking. “With your funky style, a pair of funky heeled sandals will bring your fashion sense out,” Stardust says. We found these Tabitha Heels from Anthropologie, and we’ve gone all heart eyes for them. Add these to your cart and brag away.

Cancer: Anthropologie Gemma Bow Slide Sandals


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As a Cancer, your main priority in life is to be cozy, but that doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing style. “You like casual and refined shoes, which is why slides are ideal for you,” Stardust says. We think these Gemma Bow Slide Sandals are basically your shoe spirit animal, and we’re also grabbing a pair for ourselves.

Leo: Old Navy Faux-Leather Lace-Up Sandals


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Yes, you’re opting for a go-to sandal this summer, but your Leo heart wants something strappy that you can show off. “You like a lot of flair to your sandals,” Stardust says. “And these shoes are extra sassy and dramatic—just like you!” For the fashionistas looking to embrace their sunny sides, we highly recommend Old Navy’s Faux-leather Lace-up Sandals in the color “lemon drop.”

Virgo: Steve Madden Kimmie Espadrille Sandals


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You’re an espadrille person, Virgo, and these Steve Madden sandals will speak to your streamlined, perfectionist soul. “These sandals are super cute and go with all of your summer attire, which is why they’re the perfect shoes for you,” Stardust says. We like the Kimmie Espadrilles in a nice clean white.

Libra: Free People Bryn Marr Wrap Sandal


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Like Taurus, your fellow Venus-ruled counterpart, you’re probably looking for a sandal with a little something extra. “You like luxe sandals, and this pair will make you feel as though you’re the belle of the ball,” Stardust says. Free People’s Bryn Marr Wrap Sandals are adorable, and the fringed wrap tie will add a special touch you’ll love.

Scorpio: Franco Sarto Rachelle Heels


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When you step out, you do so in a big way, Scorpio. “Your edgy vibe will make your heart skip a beat for these sexy sandals that you can pair with your wardrobe,” Stardust says. Sarto by Franco Sarto Rachelle Heels were basically made to be on your feet.

Sagittarius: Free People Vacation Day Wrap Sandals


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As the archer of the zodiac, you likely want a pair of sandals that showcase how ready you are to fling some arrows. “As a cosmic warrior, you’ll vibe well in a style that resonates with your fiery personality,” Stardust says. Free People’s Vacation Day Wrap Sandals are taking us back to the ancient Roman gladiator days, which is exactly your style.

Capricorn: Old Navy Faux-Leather Braided Mules


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If there was ever a shoe that fully encompassed your essence, Cap, it’d be a mule. “You love functional footwear, like mules, that you can wear to the office and out for happy hour cocktails,” Stardust notes. These braided sandals by Old Navy offer the perfect day-to-night transition that we know you appreciate.

Aquarius: Free People Abby Clogs


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You’re no stranger to ’60s throwbacks, Aquarius, so clogs that scream “Summer of Love” are right up your alley. “You have a unique sense of style and like to wear shoes as unique as your personality, which makes clogs the perfect choice of sandals for you,” Stardust says. We’re opting for the Free People Abby Clog because they make us feel like we’re at Woodstock.

Pisces: Birkenstock Madrid Sandals


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As you spend time on the beach, Pisces, you’ll want a pair of sandals that feel easy on your feet. “The feet are the part of the body that your sign rules, so you’ll need to wear a comfy and functional (yet trendy) pair of sandals, such as these,” Stardust says. Birks are on the menu for you, and if we have to choose, the Madrid sandals specifically feel like they’re calling your name.

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