This hot summer hair trend doesn’t require dyeing or cutting your locks

Festival style is a lot of fun because you don’t have to be at a festival to wear it. That’s definitely the case with this new trend of the summer: a hair wrap that you can do yourself in the comfort of your own air conditioning.

There’s a lot of different ways to create this look, which is great because as long as you have the inspiration, you can’t really go wrong. Here are some examples:

For the top look, the way to do it is exactly how you would go about weaving a tapestry, except on your head. Get a tapestry loom at your local craft store, wake your friend up and drag her over to your house, and get started. Just put the loom over a small section of hair and, using a needle, weave the thread of your choice back and forth through the sections.

Or you can use a different method to get something a little more similar to the last few pictures. This YouTube tutorial that breaks it down for you.

This method is cool because it includes some fun extras, like beads and feathers. But I’d be excited to see what other ways people come up with to use this idea and make it their own. Haul your butt over to a craft store and get creative with your ingredients. You can rock your look to the next summer party, or to your next Instagram picture with the perfect filter. That gets a double-tap from me!

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