15 Last-Minute Summer Recipes To Try Before It’s All Over

School has started, so summer is basically dead. I know that’s not something you want to hear, but sometimes we must face realities —albeit reluctantly. The GOOD news is all that juicy, wonderful, and vibrant summer produce is still available at our local farmer’s markets and the weather is BEYOND perfect for a weekend BBQ. So just because strip malls are already setting up their Halloween stores, that doesn’t mean you can’t turn on the grill and stir up some icy, fruity drinks. Here are some sweet and savory recipe ideas that incorporate the very best ingredients summer still has to offer.

1. Watermelon breeze

Recipe from: Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily

Nothing feels like summer more than sipping on some crushed watermelon. Sweet, subtly refreshing, this 4-ingredient beverage is easy to make, AND it’s healthy.

2. Grilled corn on the cob with jalapeno-lime aioli and parmesan cheese

Recipe from: Brazil to You

This was THE summer of corn on the cob. Mexican corn, Sriracha corn, corn fritters–you name it. Top off summer with this spicy, creamy corn recipe. You might need floss, but it will be well worth it.

3. Strawberry bruschetta

Recipe from: Home is Where to Boat Is

Combine the sweetness of summer strawberries and nectarines with savory grape tomatoes and goat cheese. Guaranteed heaven (as well as a quick and easy appetizer).

4. Raspberry beer cocktail

Recipe from: A Cup of Mai

I’m gonna miss making myself a cold, booze-y drink I can sip on as I lounge on my tiny, hot balcony. I tend to make fruity drinks that actually taste like fruit because they’re delicious, and this recipe is just so much yes.

5. Asparagus & arugula salad with a poached egg on toast

Recipe from: Once Upon a Cutting Board

Arugula and asparagus are at their freshest and most flavorful, so grab some and make this salad! I’ve been really into adding an egg to basically everything I make because it’s a good source of protein, and I just like eggs, okay? This salad recipe will make you feel like you’re at a fancy brunch, which is always kind of my goal.

6. Zucchini and fresh corn succotash

Recipe from: Bless This Mess

If you’re over the very “blah” corn-off-the-cob salads, try this fresh side dish out. Not only is it yummy, but you’ll get to say “succotash,” which is very fun.

7. Rustic strawberry peach tart

Recipe from: Sally’s Baking Addiction

Tarts are like lazy pies that still look gorgeous, so before you find yourself getting excited about that pumpkin pie filling display at the grocery store, use up the last of the strawberries and peaches in season to make this easy, juicy, perfect tart.

8. Jerk shrimp tacos with pineapple slaw, and pina colada crema

Recipe from: Closet Cooking

This Caribbean-inspired recipe for shrimp tacos puts a fun, juicy twist on your standard tacos. First of all, the pineapple salsa these bad boys come with is wonderful and compliment the marinated shrimp beyond perfectly. Second, pineapple crema (a pineapple, rum, and coconut infused yogurt sauce) is DIVINE.

9. Grilled peaches with mozzarella and prosciutto

Recipe from: Delight Gluten Free

These prosciutto-wrapped peaches are so easy, and look really impressive if you’re having a dinner party, and want to whip up something that looks pretty. The sweet and savory notes make the best appetizer to any BBQ meal.

10. Pluot summer salad

Recipe from: 101 Cookbooks

Pluots! The fruity mashup of apricots and plums! They’re easy to forget about, but once you discover their arrival at the market, you’ll remember why you love them so much. Slightly tart, but mostly sweet, they add zest and sweetness to any salad. This recipe calls for shallots, ginger, honey, cherries, and fresh herbs; it’s an awesome concoction of superfoods that taste so, so good together.

11. Shredded BBQ burgers

Recipe from: What’s Gaby Cooking

Don’t have a grill? Not an issue. Use your Crockpot (or a dutch oven—just cook on low heat) to create this delicious and super-satisfying pulled chicken burger with DIY BBQ sauce, fresh guac, and cheese.

12. Summer chowder

Recipe from: Let’s Get Together

Just because it’s warm out doesn’t mean you can’t cuddle up with a hot bowl of soup! Incorporating all the veggies of summer, this creamy almost-good-for-you-minus-all-the-butter soup is exactly what us soup enthusiasts need right now.

13. Sweet corn pancakes with blueberry balsamic sauce

Recipe from: Prevention RD 

Everything you love about pancakes and fritters become one, beautiful entity with this culinary creation. The recipe suggests either frozen or fresh blueberries, but I say since it’s summer, go ahead and use up all those super-ripe, sweet blueberries as a thick, luxurious syrup.

14. Tequila-glazed grilled chicken

Recipe from: This Mama Cooks

I’ve cooked with vodka, and I’ve cooked with rum and whiskey, but I’ve never cooked with tequila. There is a first time for everything, right? The tequila adds a sour-sweetness to the chicken, which is already pretty sweet because of the pineapple and honey—so think teriyaki, but slightly booze-ier.

15. Vanilla cinnamon iced coffee

Recipe from: The Novice Chef

I have to end on iced coffee, even though that’s a staple ALL year-long. I have an unreasonable penchant for iced coffee, and iced coffee on a hot summer day is just unbeatable. Personally, I love the mildness of cold brew, and this recipe gives you the exact ingredients and amounts of everything you need for a good, strong batch. From there, you can garnish with vanilla, cinnamon, or you can add chocolate, caramel, coconut. . .the options are deliciously endless. Let’s start our autumn fully caffeinated, shall we?

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