32 baby names perfect for little ones born during the hot summer months

The shining ocean water. The hot sand between your toes. The radiant sun beating down. The unexpected warm breeze. Summer is full of delightful moments outside, but the hot and humid weather can also be pretty brutal if you’re expecting. If you’re still trying to decide what to name a baby who’s due this summer, then look to the hottest season of all for inspiration. Because while you might want to forget all about how uncomfortable it feels to be nine months pregnant in 90-degree weather, these summer baby names will always bring you back to the sweet summer that your baby was born.

Many cultures have gorgeous names that are inspired by the sun and water. Hazy fields of flowers are a great, natural source of inspiration for summer baby names, too. So whether you’re having a boy or a girl, you can find a name on this list that will be perfect for your little summer love.

While some of these 32 baby names are more on the hot, sweaty nose, others are less obvious. But all are derived from a place that evokes the steamy feelings of summer.


Although you could go with the Disney-approved Hawaiian name Moana, this name that means “orange tree” is a little less trendy — but just as beautiful.


The Roman emperor named the summer month of August after himself, and this name can be shortened to the cute nickname of Gus.


Your baby girl can have the name of Egyptian royalty with this shortened version of Cleopatra.


This name will make you think of colorful coral reefs.


Cyrus is a Persian name for sun — for your son.


This popular unisex name actually comes from Welsh mythology, since Dylan is a Welsh god of the sea.


This Italian and Spanish name might become more common thanks to Call Me By Your Name, but it’s an excellent summer baby name since Elio is derived from the name of the god of the sun in Greek mythology, Helios.


Gibson is the name of a desert in Australia, if you’re really feeling the heat.


Harbor (or Harbour) will remind you of boats on the water and can be used for a boy or girl.


Indra is traditionally a boy name in India that means “possesses rain.” But it can also make a lovely name for a girl and will have you smelling the scent of summer rain.


Isla is Spanish for “island” (pronounced “ees-la”) but you can also go for the Scottish pronunciation that actress Isla Fisher uses.


Julian comes from the Latin name Julius and just like August, July is named for Julius Caesar.


In Roman mythology, Juno was the queen of the gods. Juno is the protector of women and marriage, and she’s the namesake of the first month of summer, which is why June is a traditional month to get married.


This Hawaiian name for a boy means sea.


Your baby boy will remind you of a cool breeze on a hot Hawaiian summer day with this name.


This summer zodiac sign makes for a bold name.


While the lily may be most associated with the month of May, the water lily is one of July’s birth flowers.


This moon-inspired name is evocative of tides and late nights by the sea. Plus, your baby will have the same name as Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s daughter.


The nautical Marina means “from the sea.”


Muriel might be a little old-fashioned, but its meaning of “bright sea” is eternally youthful.


Pearl is one of June’s birthstones. Pearls also come from oysters, and nothing says summer like oyster shucking.


This name that means “shining” is also another name for the sun god Apollo. It can become Phoebe for a girl, too.


If you love Shakespeare, name your son after the mischievous fairy from A Midsummer Night’s Dream.


Ravi means “sun” in Sanskrit and it’s also the name of a Hindu sun god.


July’s birthstone makes for a sweet name for a little one.


Get inspired by the Sahara Desert and name your baby girl Sahar — bonus: this Arabic name means “dawn.”


This biblical name means “sun child” or “bright sun.” Sampson is another alternative with the same meaning.


Nothing says summer like lying on the hot, sandy beach. Plus, Sandy appropriately sings “Summer Nights” in Grease.


If you’re a fan of the Richard Gere and Jodie Foster movie Sommersby, then you might like this British boy name that means “summer village.”


Sure, this one is obvious, but it’s also inspired by one of our favorite movie characters ever — Summer from 500 Days of Summer (aka Zooey Deschanel).


This unique boy name has Greek origins and means “summer.”


This summer flower is a striking name for a baby girl.

No matter what you choose to name your baby, you’ll never forget that hot summer day — or night — they arrived.

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