Summer movie adventures we wish we were on IRL

Let’s just go ahead and put it out there: how awesome is summer? The water, the sun, that feeling you got on the last day of school when you just threw away everything hiding inside of your desk… all of it makes for some excellent adventures. When summer comes around, it’s time to do all those things you’ve been putting off, like finally beating your personal Skip-It record (Was that just me?) and binge-watching your favorite summer adventure movies when it’s just too hot to focus outside.

Here are nine of the greatest summer adventures we wish we were on:

A Quidditch World Cup camp-out

Everything about this Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire adventure is envious. Using portkeys, that magical tent that includes absolutely everything inside and spending part of your summer adventure with Cedric Diggory? Sure, we could do without the death eaters wreaking havoc across the campgrounds, but how fun would it be to watch Viktor Krum battle it out against Ireland while enjoying some butterbeer? We all know that the first day back to school means rocking a summer tan, perhaps new pierced earrings and brand new Jelly sandals (Can you tell I’m stuck in the ’90s?), but throw a Bulgaria scarf around your neck and dude. Top of the class. (Also, probably top of the sweat chart. Take it off and save it for Christmas.)

Just hanging out with a rag-tag baseball team    

Is there any movie that represents summer more beautifully than The Sandlot? Making friends, playing baseball, eating s’mores and thinking you’re going to be killed by a beast next door make an incredible summer adventure. Also, let’s be honest here. Who wouldn’t want a summer adventure that included hanging with Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez all day? Not only can the kid bust a ball open with his swing, he also looks remarkably cute in flannel. It is the quintessential summer movie and one of my absolute favorites. Remember when summers weren’t completely structured with day-camps and activities and eighteen weeks of Vacation Bible School? Yeah, so do these guys.

A deep, romantic journey into our very souls

“If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.” Also, if you tell me you watched The Notebook and didn’t instantly wish you were on Seabrook Island in the 1940s to experience the ultimate summer love story, I will not believe you. Who wouldn’t want this adventure in the books? Especially when your summer “fling” becomes the love of your life and a legacy to share with your children and grandchildren. Everything about this summer adventure is perfect. Holding hands and eating ice cream, kissing in the rain, meeting at the carnival? It’s basically a Pinterest summer board come to life. And let’s not forget that it’s the 1940s and therefore the clothes are absolutely perfect. Yes. Forget slathering on sunscreen and lounging by the pool. Put me in this summer adventure NOW.

A camp getaway with our long-lost twinsie, obvs

So not only do you get to go to an amazing summer camp that includes swimming, fencing and meeting new friends, but you also find out that you can finally meet your mother/father because you have a TWIN SISTER who, omg, ALSO loves Oreos with peanut butter? THAT’S THE DREAM! The Parent Trap’s summer adventure is one of the best and not only because Lindsay Lohan rocked those bangs back in 1998. (Come on, who else tried to cut their hair like she cut Annie’s? I’m not ashamed. I totes did.) This is a story of love, friendship and playing mean tricks on your father’s new girlfriend because it’s about time those parents of yours got together already, right? Although, these girls are pretty forgiving of the fact that their parents never told them about the other. In fact, I don’t even think they mention it. Which is even more reason to be on this summer adventure. No one gets too serious about anything! Except for the Oreos with peanut butter. That’s legit.

A super ’80s search for buried treasure!

Let’s just get it out of the way because you know it’s coming: Helloooo, Josh Brolin. ANYWAY. The Goonies, a Spielberg classic is, without a doubt, the summer adventure everyone wishes they were experiencing. I mean, seriously, you’re following an old, Spanish map that’s going to lead you to the skeletal remains of a 17th century pirate named One-Eyed Willie and his fortune. There is nothing else to add! Oh! Except that you’re also on the run from a family of criminals and you’re going to save everyone’s homes from foreclosure thanks to all of those gems you found from One-Eyed Willie. Seriously. You can’t spell ADVENTURE without The Goonies. (Well. I mean, you can, but do you want to? No.)

One long coming-of-age dance lesson

You had to know Dirty Dancing would be on the list, right? Another love story that pulls at your heart, Dirty Dancing is an adventure we’ve all daydreamed about at some point. Falling in love with a dance instructor, having a “Daddy, you don’t understand!” moment and proving to your family, with the help of your muscular man, that no one puts you in a corner are all the makings of an epic summer adventure. Talk about a summer you’ll never forget… especially considering you had the time of your life. (C’mon. You know I had to do it.) Everyone wants their own Johnny Castle and that perfect pink dress of Baby’s.

A cross-country trip with the family…to Wally World

Saving the best for last, you know that you can’t make an ultimate summer adventure list without including Clark W. Griswold and his family’s trek to Wally World. If you’re looking for an adventure that makes you laugh out loud, throw your hands over your face and nostalgic for the 80s, look no further than National Lampoon’s Vacation. The ultimate family man, you can’t help but adore how hard Clark tries to make the perfect family adventure, despite all of the obstacles in his way. He literally lets nothing phase him on his quest for the greatest summer adventure of all time, even if it means accepting an ugly Wagon Queen Family Truckster as the family’s new car, strapping his wife’s dead aunt to the roof of said car, and buying a BB gun to force his way into the closed Wally World. With a dad like that, I’m sure every day’s an adventure, but nothing could beat the summer of 1983. (Except for maybe the Christmas of 1989, but that’s for another list, my friends. RUSS!)

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