The cast of Suicide Squad sure knows how to take a great group selfie (plus we FINALLY get the trailer!)

Hollywood knows how much we fangirls love any and every sneak peek at rad new movies on the horizon, and in the case of the upcoming super villain spectacular “Suicide Squad,” the cast took a break from shooting to head down to Comic Con to surprise fans with a trailer for the movie.

As Variety reports, director David Ayer explained to the legion of fans on hand,  “We were shooting last night in Toronto but we had to come down b/c you guys run this s–t!”

Of course, stars know it didn’t happen unless you take a group selfie, and so Cara Delevingne (AKA “Enchantress”) obliged us with an Insta:

And here’s the trailer (those occasional screams you hear are Comic Con fans freaking out over all the awesomeness):


Let’s bask in this photo of “Suicide Squad” in all their costumed glory

Looks like the Suicide Squad has a bat problem

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