This new “Suicide Squad” hair collection is everything and we need it STAT

Out of all the characters in the much-anticipated new movie Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn (played by a crazy-looking Margot Robbie) is the one we’re most excited about. She’s unpredictable, twisted, violent, and slightly terrifying, but that doesn’t mean we’re not obsessed with her.

And even if you’re not ready to get on board with this villainous character, we can surely agree on one thing: the girl’s got amazing hair. Harley’s platinum pigtails with streaks of bright color are nothing short of iconic, and if you’ve always dreamed of looking like her, a new hair product collection just launched to make your goal much more attainable.

Splat, a haircolor brand, is rolling out the Suicide Squad Collection, which includes 11 different colors inspired by the crazy-haired villains of the upcoming movie.

Colors include Pink Fetish and Blue Envy (developed to match Margot’s hair in the movie, of course!), as well as Purple Desire, Lusty Lavender, Crimson Obsession, Bleach, Luscious Raspberry, Berry Blast, Aqua Rush, Pink & Blue, and Scream Green.

There are 10 different box designs, and each one contains a special edition Suicide Squad comic, so you might want to buy them all, just to be safe.

Luckily stocking up won’t break the bank: the colors go for $8.99 each and are available at Wal-Mart, Target, Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid and Hot Topic.

Act fast, though: the collection is already selling out!

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