Sugarpill Cosmetics’ new gold metallic lippie will give you the Midas touch

We are LIVING for all the incredible gold lip colors that seem to be headed our way — it feels like everyone is jumping aboard this fabulously glam trend and we are not mad about it! Sugarpill Cosmetics is the latest brand to bring us their take on this gold rush, and their upcoming Glint lipstick just might be the best of the bunch!

What is it about gold lipstick that just feels so luxe? Well, yes, the obvious gold connotations are in play here, but a gold lipstick is especially bold and glamorous! Maybe it’s that it takes a special breed of seriously fierce beauty lovers to confidently swipe a gold lip on and go out into the world and show it who’s boss. There’s just nothing cooler!

Sugarpill’s Glint lipstick will be out on January 9th at noon PST, so you won’t have to wait much longer to get your shine on for a very reasonable $20!

As with all of Sugarpill’s lipsticks, it’s vegan and cruelty-free, and just as comfortable to wear for long periods of time as their other lip products! And if that’s not enough, it’s creamsicle-scented! All our dreams are coming true, here.


And as one of their Instagram commenters mentioned, how insanely amazing would it look when paired with their Pumpkin Spice shade? Talk about a killer ombre!

Our lipstick-obsessed brains might explode if such divinity were to occur.

We’ll just have to amuse ourselves with a deep-dive of Sugarpill’s Instagram account for some inspo while we wait for Glint to come out, won’t we?

Every single one of these looks is absolute fire! We love how versatile all their products are, and have no doubt that Glint will be also!

Be ready come Monday to head on over to Sugarpill and get your own lovely golden addition to your lip collection!

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