Sugar cookie FRIES are a real thing, and they’re so easy to make

Want a cookie? How about a plate of fries? OK, so this is totally beginning to sound like some strange food fantasy, but we assure you this is going somewhere you’ll actually want to follow: There’s a dessert IRL called sugar cookie fries that look so delicious, we want a huge fresh batch to go IMMEDIATELY, please and thanks. Honestly, if this sweet fried yumminess isn’t on this year’s state fair food menu, we’re gonna be hella pissed.

But wait — there’s a recipe for them. *does food-related happy dance*

Thanks to this how-to video from Delish, anyone who has functioning taste buds will likely be whipping these babies up at home and devouring them in sugar-induced glee.


So, let’s do a quick run-through, shall we?

First, you start with flour and some rolled out sugar cookie dough:


Then you slice the dough into these cute little pieces and add sugar:


Next, separate the pieces on a cookie sheet and bake for 15 minutes at 350 degrees, et voilà — sugar cookie fries for EVERYONE!

If you can’t get enough of these sweet treats (or the person who baked them refuses to share) here’s a recipe for sugar cookie fries.