We’re so excited to hear Sufjan Stevens’s new music for this fascinating upcoming Sundance film

Sufjan Stevens is one of the most prolific and quietly influential musicians of our modern era. Most of us have heard “Chicago,” or any other one of his beautifully cinematic songs.


Now, Stevens is making an actual jump to writing for a film: The upcoming Sundance drama Call Me By Your Name.

Set in 1983, Call Me By Your Name is, according to The Hollywood Reporter, “based on Andre Aciman’s novel of the same name and stars Armie Hammer as a 24-year old American scholar spending the summer of 1983 in Northern Italy, where he attracts the attention of a 17-year-old Jewish-American boy, played by Timothee Chalamet.”

Italian director Luca Guadagnino, who’s behind the film, is no stranger to collaborating with musicians. His film A Bigger Splash snagged St. Vincent for a Rolling Stones cover. And as Stevens constructs a hell of a live show, he’s generally kept his collaborations—including several ballets—in the live arena. It seems this is the first time Stevens has explicitly signed on to make music for a film, but it’s entirely possible that the man has some other contributions buried in his hefty discography.

We can’t wait to hear what Stevens cooks up and how it works together with Call Me By Your Name. Until then, I’ll be watching this live version of Stevens’s “Fourth of July” on loop: