This insane Sundance coffee shop is letting celebs drink their own faces, and they are having way too much fun

Sundance Film Festival has been full swing since January 19th. And it looks like such a fun time! We keep hearing awesome news about cool movies premiering at Sundance. Not to mention all the antics that some of the famous guests are getting up to. There is, however, a new thing happening at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival this year. Furthermore, it is super silly and adorable.

A coffee shop is making latte art based on celebrities’ faces.

We were not aware we needed photos of celebrities drinking coffees with their faces artfully rendered on the foam. But we know that it exists now, and consequently, everything has changed.We have a great selection of these moments, thanks to The Wrap and Sundance barista Brian Leonard.

Some of the reactions were pure joy.

First of all, Jack Black rocked a “Make America Rage Again” hat and posed with his Kung Fu Panda coffee.

Next, Elle Fanning embodied how we all feel about our coffee.

But Elizabeth Olsen and Jeremy Renner might love coffee even more.

Look closer: It’s an Avengers latte!

Additionally, Common was a huge fan of his coffee — and that sweatshirt.

In addition, some celebrities just didn’t know what to make of it.

First, Peter Dinklage looks stoic posing with his coffee.

But first, he had quite a reaction to seeing it get made.

Additionally, Nick Offerman looks characteristically bewildered.

Furthermore, some just straight up posed.

Here, Rashida Jones leans in to compare.

But Laura Prepon would just like her coffee, thanks!

Consequently, John Legend got caught Instagramming his coffee.

Finally, some just posted pictures of their coffee.

Therefore, here is Coffee Zoe Lister-Jones.

And finally, Coffee Tim Robbins.

So good morning, Sundance celebrities! We hope that this coffee gives you as much enjoyment as it gives us!