We’re just bonding with the rad singer of Sucré

Around two years ago, HelloGiggles had the pleasure of premiering the debut record from a band named Sucré.

Sucré has changed a bit since then. Darren King, the band’s drummer, and Jeremy Larson, the band’s multi-instrumentalist/string arrangement genius have now taken on producer roles. Stacy King has stayed put in her role as lead vocalist and made the band more of a solo artist adventure. Talking about the new record she says, “I named it Loner to signify my coming out as a solo artist. But I didn’t want to make it some grandiose statement. I am shy and the term “Loner” is more like how I felt, so I went with that.”

Loner has the same dreamy arrangements as A Minor Bird with new confident/independent vibes and upbeat tones thrown in. The EP perfectly flows from one song to the next.

Stacy may now be a solo artist, but she’s still surrounded by the people she loves more than ever. She and her husband, Darren, had a baby girl, Scarlett, after the release of the first album. Her huge musical family has also continued to grow with plenty of cousins for Scarlett to play with!

She started touring when she was only 10 years old, which is insane and awesome! This past September, at 25, she continued that tradition of touring with her family when Merriment, a band comprised of her siblings, Christie, Collin, and Remington DuPree, opened for her. meanwhile, the Honey Trees (Stacy’s good friends) opened for Sucré and took on the role as her band — playing alongside her in the Sucré sets!

I had the chance to catch up with Stacy and this is what she had to say:

Your music has a sort of cinematic feel to it — did you watch any films to inspire your writing?  

Well, I’d have to say that my favorite types of films are definitely dramas with tons of beautiful visuals. I totally love getting sucked into that world and I love for my music to have the same cinematic feeling to it. When I write, I fall into a surreal sort of world and often become characters. People in love or in pain. I would never be able to access that door if it weren’t for really great films that have inspired me.

What was it like growing up in such a big family of musicians?

Really great! It was fun to discover my love for music with siblings who were equally as enthusiastic. We will forever share that bond and understanding.

I loved this quote you said in the Citizens of Humanity article, “Having a daughter gives me this crazy motivation to do what I love and to do it well. It might sound typical or obvious, but I just want to be an inspiration to her.” So I wanted to know who inspires YOU?

Oh, gosh. SO many people. Most people, in fact. I’m always looking for beauty in others. Anyone who loves others deeply, who has humility, anyone who is fighting for their dream in life. Those are the people who touch my soul and who I want to be like.

How was working on this record different from the last record? 

It wasn’t too terribly different. A little harder to find the time, but I was able to forge ahead. It was totally enjoyable and I felt very refreshed and inspired to write after becoming a mother. Everything felt new and exciting.

If someone hasn’t listened to Sucré before, what two songs would you tell him/her to listen to? 

“Loner” and “Young And Free”

Anything else you’d like to tell the HelloGiggles readers?

It’s such an honor! Thanks for reading lovelies!

Check out Sucré’s new record Loner, which is out now! Hopefully, we’ll see Stacy on the road again sometime soon and get to escape real life and slip into the sweet, sweet symphonies of Sucré. It’s magical to see her bring these songs to life and everyone should get a chance to experience it.

Featured image by Spinner. Other images via Sucre’s instagram.