Succulent jewelry is the ultimate accessory to channel your desert loving style

Growing succulents has become one of the biggest and easiest gardening crazes. And now you’ll be able to take these plants with you as a fashion accessory, thanks to this adorable succulent jewelry.

We’re obsessed with succulents.

They’re pretty low maintenance. They look great in any room. And now we can wear them and bring them with us everywhere we go.

Susan McLeary, owner of the Etsy store Passionflower Made, makes succulent jewelry out of these sturdy plants. Her store has everything from earrings to flower crowns to rings. They’re definitely great statement pieces, no matter what your style is.


Passionflower is a boutique floral design studio in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Susan makes these gorgeous pieces with locally sourced plants from a family-owned greenhouse. And the jewelry bases come from other small businesses. She tends to make these for special occasions, but with gentle care, these pieces can last a couple of weeks.

Look how cute they are.




So if you want to wear something unique to a wedding or a party, succulent jewelry definitely seems like the way to go. One of the coolest parts about this jewelry? You can plant these succulents for decoration when you’re done wearing them. Talk about sustainable! We would love to see more plant-jewelry hybrids soon — we’ll cross our fingers for a fashion trend!