5 subtle ways to celebrate the 4th of July without annoying everyone around you

Celebrating the 4th of July is always a lot of fun, but it can also be a bit overwhelming. Everywhere you look, AMERICA is smacking you in the face and reminding you that it’s celebrating its birthday (which is fine, because honestly, we do the same thing on our birthday). But if you want to celebrate the 4th of July without going full America, we have a few options that might be up your all-American alley.

1Throw a garden party with patriotic undertones.

Sweep off the patio and pluck the weeds out of the herb garden — it’s showtime! If you don’t want to red, white, and blue rage, throwing a simple garden party is the perfect 4th of July celebration alternative.

Mix up a strawberry and blueberry white wine sangria and serve simple fruit tarts like these little babies from Martha Stewart. Or plate up a hearty garden salad made with veggies from your own plot! Garden parties are a classy and relaxed way to celebrate any summertime festivity.

2Work red, white, and blue into your outfit in an understated way.

You can easily work a patriotic theme into an outfit without looking like Miss America in a Memorial Day parade. Start with a basic white t-shirt or a vintage white tee that happens to have red and blue graphics or details.

And today, denim doesn’t have to be a neutral. It can be America blue! Throw on your favorite jeans or denim shorts, and a pair of classic red or white Converse, and you’re ready for the BBQ.

3If you’re throwing a 4th of July dinner party, get creative with your menu.

Think outside the box when you’re planning out your dinner party. Rather than color-coding your dishes, try to work a variety of American meals into your menu. For example, you can start the party with lobster roll bites, representing Maine and the Northeast.

You can then treat your guests to Kansas City-style BBQ ribs, a small serving of classic New Orleans Creole gumbo, and make a simple Tex-Mex taco salad as a side. America is the melting pot of the world, so pay homage to that idea by incorporating dishes from the cultures that make America diverse.

4Bring your party to the beach!

July 4th is the day to celebrate America’s Independence, but the holiday also kicks off the summer as well! Celebrate the start of summer by heading to the beach with friends. Pack plenty of sunscreen, water, and snacks — might we mention the white wine Sangria again? Just saying!

And honestly, what’s more American than a groovy beach party? Sorry if “Beach Blanket Bingo” gets stuck in your head for the rest of the summer.

5Gather your friends and play New Girl’s “True American.”

The rules of True American haven’t been entirely fleshed out for fans of the show. But thankfully, a devoted New Girl fan created a website for us regulars to learn how to play (somewhat). As much as “True American” sounds like it’s super patriotic, in reality, it’s not at all because again, the rules are whacky!

Playing “True American” is a fun and silly way to pay homage to American history while you pay homage to your fave TV show! It’s subtle in a crazy way, if you catch our drift.

You don’t have to prove your patriotism with red, white, and blue tie-dyed shirts and headbands with firework pom-poms on them. Fly under the radar and celebrate in your own way. Divert from the mainstream! Be independent! America will be proud.

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