The one VERY subtle mistake in “Love Actually” you can never unsee once you notice it

As one of the most popular holiday films in recent memory, Love Actually holds a special place in our hearts – especially during this time of year. We can’t believe it’s been 13 years since Love Actually hit the big screen, but it still makes us laugh and happy cry as much now as it did then. Whether we’re falling for Jamie right along Aurélia or rooting for young Sam to impress his crush Joanna, there’s always something in this modern day classic to make us feel all warm and cozy inside year after year. However, there was one very subtle mistake we noticed recently. And, not only is it weird, but once you notice it…you can never unsee it!

Let’s revisit the moment we meet recently elected Prime Minister, David (Hugh Grant).


Not only does David look absolutely charming in this scene (I mean, it IS Hugh Grant!), but his super preppy suit and TIE totally make the part, yes?

Now, just remember THAT tie.


After David enters 10 Downing Street, he courteously greets his staff and is introduced to one of its newest members, Natalie (Martine McCutcheon). Obviously, they hit it off right away and blah, blah, blah you know the rest!

Basically, it’s all very cute, right?



Check out David’s TIE in that reverse shot on him.


::scratches head::

That is definitely NOT the same tie David was wearing when he entered 10 Down Street!


WEIRD, right? We can only assume this was a totally innocent mistake on the part of the costume department. But, let’s be real, we’re not THAT surprised everyone missed it. Because that’s a pretty SUBTLE difference between the patterns.

 We have to admit, we kinda can’t unsee this subtle detail ever again, but that certainly won’t stop us from watching Love Actually every year! If anything, it just reminds us just how much we love this film because we can totally overlook details like this.

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