There’s a subreddit devoted to finding your correct bra size, and it’s SO helpful

For something that should be relatively simple, there’s simply no denying that figuring out your proper bra size is a nightmare for most women. But just like all genius things on the internet, it turns out there’s a subreddit devoted to finding your bra size, giving you helpful and easy-to-follow information that you may desperately need.

The sad fact is that most women are wearing the wrong bra size (yes, even you!) and have probably been wearing the wrong bra size for years. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

The good news? This subreddit is here to save you from future Victoria’s Secret-fueled frustrations.

Many of us wear a bra for most of our waking hours each day, so finding one that fits properly and feels comfortable is pretty critical. And while Reddit is generally considered a deep, dark internet rabbit hole that we sometimes find ourselves in late at night, this bra size subreddit, aptly titled “A Bra That Fits,” is a treasure trove of useful tips.

What can you find in the bra size subreddit? For starters, check out: r/ABraThatFits beginners guide, an easy-to-use sizing guide, and a bra size calculator to figure out your correct size.

Posters also share info about current bra sales at beloved retailers, and reviews for bras they love (and ones they don’t — wires that dig into your skin, anyone?), as well as how to deal with your standard breast woes, from hormonal changes to finding supportive workout bras.

So the next time you find yourself down a Reddit rabbit hole, check out this subreddit…your breasts will thank you, and you may finally find the best bra for your body, which is what we all need and deserve, no?