This company is making stylish scrubs so doctors and nurses can express themselves while on the job

Scrubs are comfortable, functional, and sanitary — and that’s about it. Doctors and nurses sacrifice personal style to don these utilitarian garments, but why should they have to? Fortunately, a company called Jaanuu is changing the scrub game with a line of chic scrubs that give medical professionals freedom to express their fashion sense while working.

Jaanuu, Hindi for “sweetheart,” was founded in 2013 by pediatrician Dr. Neela Sethi Young and her younger brother/private equity investor, Shaan Sethi. Their goal was to “reinvent the medical apparel category with contemporary, runway-inspired fashion.”

Taking inspiration from fashion houses like Gucci, Proenza Schouler, Altuzarra, Emilio Pucci, and Prada, Dr. Young and Sethi reimagined traditional scrubs.


The above Snap Front Tops ($39) draw inspiration from Proenza Schouler’s exposed zipper trend. And the floral Peplum Top ($39) follows one of the biggest trends on the catwalk (and sidewalk) in recent years.


Dr. Young and Sethi also developed an entirely new fabric blend for their designs, which they call “Jaanacea.” Jaanacea is an antimicrobial-finished, eco-friendly, moisture-wicking stretch fabric with anti-odor protection.

So not only are these scrubs more fashionable, but the Jaanacea fabric blend makes wearing Jaanuu scrubs for 14 hours at a time much more enjoyable than the starchy, oversized alternative.

How can you not feel good wearing these super happy floral Skinny Pants ($42)?


This super trendy Embroidered Top ($39) paired with the Skinny Cargo Pant ($42) is a simple ensemble, yet will stand out in a sea of average scrubs.


And we know we’re not in the medical profession, but we still want the Jaanuu Bomber Jacket ($69)!


For Nurses Week, Jaanuu started the #ToMyNurse movement. Dr. Young and Sethi ask those who have been touched by a nurse’s compassion and care to send him or her a postcard through the Jaanuu website to show your appreciation.

The virtual postcards that have already been written are heartwarming.

If you’re in the medical field and are fed up with your frumpy scrubs, we urge you to check out the Jaanuu online shop. Dr. Young states on the website that she hopes to design a menswear scrub collection soon, so guys, keep your eyes peeled.

And when you do purchase your first Jaanuu set, please share your new workwear on Instagram with #fromthefans!

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