Styling Fall Wardrobe Staples 6 Ways

What are your wardrobe staples?” is a question I get often via my blog, Youtube, etc. Thus, in the video above, I style 3 of my Fall wardrobe staples in 6 ways! I show each staple in an easy-to-wear ensemble and then a #whynot variation where, I shake things up a bit. Watch the video and see the photos of each outfit variation below and let me know what are your fall wardrobe essentials.

  • Fall staple #1: A Plaid Shirt. Style a plaid shirt with black skinny jeans, black boots and metallic accessories. Or #whynot…
  • Mix it up and style your plaid shirt with another print, like a floral… or in my case floralsss.
  • Fall staple #2: Sweats! I think sweats are essential for Fall and winter because they’re so darn cozy! I like to pair mine with a slouchy but tailored shirt and high-top boots so I can wear my sweats out and about. Or #whynot…
  • Make your sweats style acceptable by rolling a cuff and pairing them with funky wedges, a printed and/or tailored top and blazer. Top it off with a fun braided hair-do and Feather Earpiece and you’re ready for a swanky time! See more sweat pant ensembles in Styling: Sweats
  • Fall staple #3: A slouchy sweater! Sweaters keep you warm and I’m always partial to a slouchy fit. It’s easy to layer under and over. Above, I styled a bohemian-inspired outfit with flare-leg jeans, a lace shirt and fedora. Or #whynot…
  • Take your pants off! And style your slouchy sweater with bright colored tights (and shorts over them to cover your booty). Pair your tights with a strappy pair of sandals because I know you don’t want to say goodbye to your fun Summer shoes. The addition of a chain headpiece and layered necklaces keeps the look bohemian and suitable for a party!

Outfit Deets:

Plaid Shirt #1:

  • shirt: Zara
  • pants: J Brand
  • shoes: Zara
  • jewelry: Mr. Kate

Plaid Shirt #whynot:

  • shirt: Zara
  • pants: Madewell
  • shoes: ASOS

Sweatpants #1:

  • pants: Zara
  • shirt: Zara
  • shoes: Converse

Sweatpants #whynot:

  • pants: Zara
  • shirt: Nasty Gal
  • blazer: Topshop
  • shoes: Shiekh
  • earpiece: Mr. Kate

Slouchy sweater #1:

  • sweater: H&M
  • pants: Dittos
  • shirt: Free People
  • hat: Zara
  • rings: Mr. Kate

Slouchy sweater #whynot:

  • sweater: H&M
  • tights: H&M
  • shoes: Zara
  • headpiece and necklaces: Mr. Kate

 What’s your favorite outfit? Comment and let me know!

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