All the style lessons Dolly Parton taught me

Dolly Parton famously said, “It takes a lot of money to look as cheap as I do.” I’d disagree though; because there’s nothing cheap looking about a spectacular pink jumpsuit, complete with flared sleeves and hair so big and blonde it could almost be an entity of its own. Few others could pull off such glorious displays of tackiness and make them look magical in the process.

Whilst preparing for my cowboy-themed Christmas party, I couldn’t help but marvel at Dolly’s previous outfit choices, and in doing so thought it’d be fun to share some of my favourites (and what they’ve taught me about fashion) in the hopes of inspiring fellow party goers to wear whatever crazy things you want to.

Besides, who could be a more fitting style icon for a season that celebrates all things sequinned, sparkly (and yes, a little bit silly)?

Don’t be afraid of the rainbow

Whether electric blue with silver rhinestones, or tangerine orange and tasselled with gold sequins, Dolly’s wardrobe has always embraced the full spectrum of the rainbow. I take inspiration from this, because colours are so beautiful and have the incredible ability to completely change my mood. If I wear a lime green coat on a grey, rainy day, I’ll instantly feel better — FACT.

A jumpsuit can solve all your problems

I’m convinced that jumpsuits are the secret to instant confidence. I’ve even worn one to do the hoovering, just because it made me feel a bit like David Bowie (and was actually super comfy).

Sure, they might be a pain when it comes to going to the toilet, but otherwise a jumpsuit is pretty much the perfect item of clothing. Forget having to find a coordinating shirt or skirt, once it’s on you’re sorted.

Nobody does sleeves like Dolly. They’ve been so long and floaty, they could almost be ethereal angel wings or dancing ghost bodies. I may not own any sleeves quite so spectacular but there’s a lot to be said for the freedom such flared ornamentations can give, a gentle breeze yawning across your skin with every arm gesture.

You don’t need to be from Tennessee to be a cowgirl  
One checked shirt (tied in a knot at the waist), high waisted denim jeans, cowboy boots and a bandana are all you need to feel like a prairie princess. Also, you’d be surprised at the amount of instantaneous sass a simple cowboy hat can give you (cue “Jolene”).

Magic exists and it’s a pink sequinned dress

If there’s ever an opportunity to dress like a giant disco ball, I’ll take it. Walking around in sequinned outfits has the ability to make you feel like space goddess, with baby stars winking from every crease in your fabric.

Although I’ll never own Dolly’s pink sequined number, I still hope to spend my days channelling such vibes; always being the light up singing Santa next to the pensive nativity scene figurines.

[Image via Columbia Records & Universal Pictures]

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