14 ways to style your hair at Coachella, because it will get sweaty and dusty AF

If you’re prepping your festival lewk, you’ll need the perfect Coachella hairstyle to keep the sweat and dust at bay.

Coachella, Bonnaroo, Afro Punk, Glastonbury, Burning Man — whichever festival(s) you’re hitting will require a ‘do that will stay fresh and fly all day. Though flowing locks are pretty, they can definitely get sticky. Braids, buns, or buzzcuts, there are tons of low-maintenance options for summer hair. Jewelry and other sparkly details will help make your magical experience even more so.

We’ve found 14 cute styles to try to keep your hair looking its best at the fest!

Pretty pastel My Little Pony vibes.

Learn how to scarf it down in this quick how-to video.

“Piercings” and star glitter add some precious metals to an updo.

Soak up the sun(flowers) with this gorgeous take on the flower crown.

Babes with short hair definitely have an advantage.

Okay, it’s mostly down but this mermaid/Daenerys look is to dye for.

TFW you AND your pink dye job are faded.

If you’d rather not do Minnie Mouse vibes, the slightly lower space bun is a good chill option.


How to do the milkmaid with bangs.

Even if you can’t see what’s going on ON the stage you’ll be seen FROM the stage

Hiding some wild colors underneath? Braid from the bottom up, and top it off with a sky-high pony.

Bobby pins will keep those fly-aways under control.

Revel in your crowning glory.

If all else fails, put a hat on and call it a day.

Have fun out there, and don’t forget your sunscreen!

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