Want to dress like Elaine Benes? Here’s your style guide

Elaine Benes, ’90s feminist and style icon, taught me many things about my own wardrobe. After spending an entire summer watching endless episodes of Seinfeld, I found myself making conscious choices with how I dressed. I wanted my hair bigger and my jeans baggier. While the fashion of Seinfeld will probably never truly return (at least not its original form), I’ve come up with a simple guide to reimagining Elaine’s look for a modern runway.

First, let’s talk about the obvious first: her HAIR.

It’s iconic —the scrunchies, the accessories, the poof in the front. It’s everything I want on my own head. Scrunchies are making their way back onto the scene and I could not be happier about it. For the real retro vibe, I’d recommend getting yourself one of these from American Apparel ($6):

or these (also American Apparel, $8):

If you’re more into her headscarf look, there are options here (Urban Outfitters, $29):

and here (Urban Outfitters, $24):

You’re spoiled for choice with pattern —the more it clashes, the better.

Next: Her super chill looks

Elaine might be known for her more flashy get ups, but what always gets my attention is the way she rocks the laid-back look. The best thing about these ensembles is that they’re timeless. You’ll never not want to throw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Let Elaine be your guide for casual-chic for eternity.

Topshop jeans are always a solid bet, and to really channel your inner Elaine, I’d suggest a pair of their trusty Mom Jeans (Topshop, $70):

If you’re feeling bold, try these Overydyed Baggy Jeans on for size (Topshop, $105) What you throw on top is up to you, which is the beauty of her aesthetic, but if you’re really riding the vintage train, this Etsy shop and this Etsy shop have some great finds.

It’s undeniable: Elaine is the blazer queen

Zara is definitely the blazer go-to store. I was amazed when I found almost the exact blazer pictured above right here ($99.90), but if you want to keep it simple, this one ($99.90) is totally every day ready.

Just get yourself some dark matte lipstick (MAC has some great options) and channel your inner sass-queen. Elaine is as much about the fashion as she is her attitude, and you can rock this look with an extra dash of confidence!

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