13 stunning summer wedding venues you probably haven’t thought of

Summer is the season for weddings. Even though we know a few fall, winter, and spring brides, when we think of wedding season, we think of the sunny days of June, July, and August.

Summer weddings and the “June bride” are actually based on wedding history and traditions, according to HuffPost. In the Roman era, June was the month of Juno, the goddess of marriage, fertility, and childbirth. And in the Victorian era, summer was the season when flowers were available (and most carriages could travel on the roads).

So if you’re planning a summer wedding, you’re in great company past and present. But given that it’s the most popular time to get married, the pressure is on to create a celebration that feels unique.

We’ve got you covered with ideas for unexpected summer wedding venues to make your special day stand out.

1The aquarium

What’s the perfect venue for your mermaid wedding dress? The aquarium, of course. These beautiful spaces give an under-the-sea feel that will make your wedding extra magical.

2A greenhouse

Greenhouses have become the new go-to venue for a reason — all the greenery of an outdoor wedding without the worry that you’ll get rained out. These stunning spaces feel like a garden oasis all your own. Perfect for saying “I do.”

3The fair

Need a little fun in your nuptials? You can plan a brightly-colored party at your local state or county fair. Plus, spaces like the merry-go-round and ferris wheel make for an amazing photo op.

4A ranch

We can’t quite explain what makes an old barn so romantic. Maybe it’s the history. Or maybe the rustic indoors against the beautiful outdoors. Whatever it is, ranches make ideal spaces for unfussy yet breathtaking summer weddings.

5Your (or a family member’s) backyard

Don’t knock the simplicity of a backyard wedding. These budget-friendly parties offer a unique opportunity to make your special day perfectly personal and unique. You can splurge on food, drinks, or fun rentals because the venue space doesn’t cost you anything.

6A rooftop

While we all love a beach view in the summer, a view of the city can be just as impressive. In cities, there are tons of locations with amazing rooftops to choose from, so you can easily find a venue you love.

7Your public park

Sometimes an ideal outdoor venue is just around the corner. Public parks often have beautiful scenery and greenery. Plus, you can get some adorable photos on the jungle gym.

8A golf course

If you want pristine green spaces and elegant reception options, a golf course might be perfect. Country clubs are known for their upscale tastes, and the outdoor options on the golf course – from the green fairways to the beautiful water features – allow you endless possibilities for your special day.

9The zoo

Animal lovers rejoice because plenty of zoos host weddings. For adventurous couples, this venue could be the perfect unique spot to pledge your love. And if you’re lucky, you might have a few wild guests that join in.

10An orchard

Another opulent outdoor option could be an orchard. Rows of beautiful fruit trees could be the backdrop for a stunning ceremony. Plus, you have delicious fresh fruit for your guests right on site.

11The mountains

In the summer, we feel like the beach gets all the credit, but remember that the mountains are amazing in summer, too. The weather is just right, and in a good year you can even get some snow caps in the background for a beautiful backdrop.

12The planetarium

If you want your wedding to be out of this world, consider a planetarium. Most have an incredible view of the night sky, and their buildings are often works of art in and of themselves.

13On a boat


Still craving that water view? Well, did you know that plenty of local yachts and cruise ships rent out their boats for weddings? Book one and you could have an amazing floating wedding.

Wherever you end up getting married, we hope it’s a day you never forget.


Be the June bride you’ve always dreamed of being.