14 stunning images of a young Carrie Fisher that will make you remember the actress with a smile

We have proof that Carrie Fisher in the ’70s might be the best version of the actress. With news of Fisher’s death, after her heart attack over Christmas, we needed something to lift everyone’s spirits. What we came up with is a trip down memory lane a la Fisher.

The Star Wars actress first stepped onto the Hollywood scene in 1969, but her fame really took off in the ’70s. Fisher was also the daughter of the legendary Debbie Reynolds, so pictures of her from back in the day are not hard to find — thank goodness.

In order to make mourning her death a little easier, take a look at Fisher’s best moments from the ’70s. They are fabulous, and might help you remember all the good times she blessed us with.

For starters, the Star Wars actress looked adorable in 1970 as she stepped out for a date night.

She was all smiles as she posed at the Thalian Ball and showed off her sassy style.


The California native in a sweet moment with her mother in New York City circa 1972 and it gives us all the feels.


Just look at that smile! Fisher clearly enjoyed her meal at Chasen’s Restaurant in Beverly Hills in 1975.

Now if only we knew where she got that coat.


In case you were wondering the Wonderwall actress totally lived it up in the ’70s.


She also was photographed while grabbing lettuce off her plate and for some reason we can’t stop laughing.

PS: her long locks in this photo are ah-mazing.


Celebrity holidays are the best holidays. In 1977 Fisher celebrated Thanksgiving at a party at Sibils with pal Amy Irving and the two look SO cool in those berets.


Okay, we get it, the 60-year-old actress knew how to dress. We aren’t sure why she’s sitting on a chair like this, but we just love her and her goofy persona.


Of course we couldn’t forget a picture of Fisher as her iconic character, Princess Leia…complete with the dreamy Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) in 1977.


She was just so stunning.


Here Fisher showed off that iconic smile while attending the Studio 54 First Anniversary Party in 1978 with David Geffen. Again her style is flawless.


In 1978, the beautiful star hosted Saturday Night Live and she totally nailed it.


On the Season 4 episode, Fisher even rocked a bikini as she showed off her memorable Leia ‘do.

It looks like one killer beach party, don’t you think?


NBD just hanging out with Ringo Starr and John Ritter. Isn’t what what your teen years and early ’20s were like?


Technically this is from 1980, but Fisher looks too gorgeous not to include it.

She was so smart, beautiful and oh, so talented.


May the force be with you all through this terrible time, and may you always remember Fisher’s fabulous ’70s looks!

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