Stuff Your Stockings with THESE

Exchanging gifts at Christmas is a magical experience. You spend months leading up to Christmas Day thinking about what you’d like Santa to bring you, and what you’re going to give your loved ones. There’s also a great deal of pressure that goes along with the whole gifting process though. That’s why Christmas stockings are such a fun part of the day. It’s a giant sack of mystery mini gifts, and the only rule in selecting stocking stuffers is to make sure each item fits in the stocking. That’s it. So you could get a deck of cards, or a blinged-out diamond necklace. You never know what you’re going to find in there!

Here’s a list of items to fill your loved ones’ stockings with. OR just stuff these items into your own. 

1. Gummy Bear Keg from It’Sugar

What’s better than a giant bag of candy? A giant bag of candy poured into a giant keg. Even if you go with the mini keg (a much better fit for a stocking), you still really tie the whole ‘overindulging’ vibe together by eating sugary candy out of a container that’s normally reserved for hardcore boozing. Let’s party.

2. Cards Against Humanity from Amazon

I was introduced to this game at my bachelorette party and we were laughing so hard in our hotel room while we played that the hotel staff threatened to call the cops. I know. Ridiculous. I guess The Four Seasons hates fun. Considering we were all drinking wine in our pjs and not doing body shots off a stripper, you’d think we’d be left alone. Not that I hold a grudge or anything…..

Anyway, this game is a total effing hoot, and you will want to keep playing until the sun comes up. A description of the game from their website:

Unlike most of the party games you’ve played before, Cards Against Humanity is as despicable and awkward as you and your friends. The game is simple. Each round, one player asks a question from a Black Card, and everyone else answers with their funniest White Card.

3. Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson With the new world overrun with greedy, evil Epics (regular humans who have turned into superheroes), those without superpowers have to blend in, if they want to survive. Everyone other than The Reckoners (a group of regular humans that live in the shadows and take down one Epic at a time in an effort to get the world back to where it once was). They find the one weakness every Epic has, through research and observation, and then they attack when the time is right. After witnessing his father’s murder by an Epic as a young boy, David has lived his life in fear, and he’s sick of it. He wants to join The Reckoners. He is the only one aware of the most powerful Epic’s weakness and he wants revenge. This is a non-stop thrill ride, and unique in how strongly you root for the superheroes to be defeated. Probably the best gift you can put in someone’s stocking. 

Item sponsored by Random House Kids

4. Twistband Hair Ties from Amazon

The most comfortable hair ties that you will ever own. They’re also super cute to wear on your wrist, which we all do. You never know when you’ll need to throw your hair up, or if you’ll need an extra hair tie.

5. Winter Dream Tea from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Pumpkin lattes have NOTHIN’ on Winter Dream lattes. This is a signature tea blend from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and it’s like drinking the magic of the first snow out of a cup. Or something else about winter that makes you deliriously happy. It’s delicious. And it’s seasonal. So stock up on the tea and enjoy it all year-long!

6. Big League Chew from Amazon

Gum is a pretty common stuffer, isn’t it? I feel like I get gum every year. And I love gum. There will never come a time when I won’t need gum. But a fun spin on this predictable stocking stuffer is to add a dash of nostalgia.

Big League Chew has been a major part of our childhoods. Somehow we all felt a little bit tougher pulling apart those shredded pieces of sour apple and stuffing them into our cheek for a chew. And Amazon has every flavor. They also offer 12 pack boxes, so you’ll never run out.

7. Deep Steep Bubble Bath from Amazon

Give the gift of relaxation with the incredible scents from Deep Steep Bubble Bath. The scents include: lavender chamomile, grapefruit bergamot, rosemary mint, honeydew spearmint, brown sugar vanilla, and tangerine melon. Mmmmmmmm…. and Ahhhhh…..

Stuff those stockings, gigglers. And enjoy your time emptying yours on Christmas Day.

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