A study found that people who wear glasses might actually be more intelligent, and our inner nerd is rejoicing

Double the eyes, double the intelligence — well, kind of. A study recently published in the journal Nature Communications presents evidence that people who wear glasses could actually be more intelligent than the rest of us.

The University of Edinburgh studied the genetics of 300,486 participants of European descent between ages 16 and 102 to better understand how our genes affect our cognitive functions — i.e. the ways we take in information (memory, language, reasoning, and attention) — using a series of thinking tests.

Via these tests, researchers found that more intelligent people (meaning those with higher cognitive function) are 28% more likely to wear glasses.

Now who are you calling four eyes?

They also discovered, though, that although glasses-wearers were more likely to be more intelligent, not all vision issues point to greater intelligence. The study reports that those impaired with nearsightedness (myopia) were, overall, more intelligent. But those impaired with farsightedness (hyperopia) scored lower on the cognitive functions test — although more investigation is needed to definitively prove this correlation.

The team of researchers also found new genetic correlations between cognitive function and cardiovascular issues, such as angina (chest pain caused by reduced blood flow to heart), heart attack, and hypertension (high blood pressure). Results showed those who exhibited higher cognitive function were 15 to 17% less likely to develop these cardiovascular issues.

In other words, strengthening your brain means strengthening your entire body.

And you now have the evidence you need to wear your glasses proudly (though you probably were already).

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