This study says that blondes are actually the smartest

We’re not sure exactly where the stereotype that blondes are “ditzy” came from, but as it happens, it’s time to put away those “dumb blonde” jokes. Not that we ever actually thought the idea of blonde hair equaling a lower IQ held any water to begin with, but now there’s scientific proof that blondes are not less intelligent than brunettes (or redheads).

Jay Zagorsky of Ohio State University decided to put the age-old “dumb blonde” myth to the test, using data from baby-boomers who took the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (NLSY) in 1979, and guess what? It turns that, at least among Caucasian people, blonde women (and men) had the highest Mean IQ and second highest Median IQ.

What does this mean? Does darker hair pigment kill brain cells?

Doubtful. As New York Mag points out, this is just one study, consisting of only about 6,000 people. It goes without saying (or at least should) that there are intelligent people of all hair colors (and not-so-intelligent people with the same hair colors). Statistically, there are bound to be blonde people with lower IQs, just like there are brunettes or redheaded people with lower IQs.

Still, this does help throw a wrench into the idea that blondes aren’t smart. This is a rare case in which we hope next time someone makes a dumb blonde joke, someone else is on-hand to “actually” them.


Looks like now we just have to wait for someone to test the “blondes have more fun” theory.

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