This study revealed what you should eat and drink to score a second date

Unlucky in love? It could be based on what you’re eating and drinking on the first date. According to a new study created by the app Hinge, the probability of a second date can be predicted by food.

In order to put this study together, they polled 8,000 users about their dating habits. According to them, 34% of people who chose a coffee date saw their relationship progress. Those who chose to imbibe in a bit of alcohol with their date saw a success rate of 37%.

But, it gets more detailed than that.

Users who chose to drink Bloody Marys had a 57% chance of seeing their guy or girl again. Old Fashioned drinkers had a 35% chance of continued love, along with 27% of beer drinkers. So, when you go out with that dude from Tinder, think more about cocktails and less about tequila shots, which got the lowest ranking.

 (Hey, we know it was your drink of choice in college, but we can see why only 20% of tequila drinkers went on to a second date.)

As for food? Those who took their dates out for fried chicken had the best results. It could be because fried chicken is simply amazing, and those who’ll risk a possibly greasy first impression for the sake of delicious food are people worth knowing.

People who took their dates out for pancakes only had a 9% success rating, meaning that you might want to avoid meeting up at IHOP. Sorry, Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity lovers. We know, we’re shocked as well. Because breakfast is amazing.

But that’s not our biggest shock. That’d be the fact that pizza wasn’t very successful.

Only 15% of people who grabbed a slice with someone managed to land date #2.

Obviously there’s no food, drink, or destination that’ll always have good results, but hey — it’s always good to know what works for other people. It’s definitely worth a shot to skip the pizza and beer for once and head to KFC.

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