You can now major in pizza, because life is awesome

How well do you know pizza? Do you have an opinion on New York pizza vs. Chicago pizza? Is the trick of getting a good crust really in the water? Is there truly a way to choose between red and white sauce?

If you are at expert-level already in pizza, perhaps you would like to major in it. You know, like study it in college. In depth. Like, really really in depth. Well, pizza lovers, do we have news for you: Now, you can!

Pizza Hut has created 1,500 apprenticeships in partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University in northern England, the Manchester Evening News reports.

The courses will reportedly cover all aspects of pizza, from the food services involved with making it to financial analysis involved in running a restaurant. And those sound like the kind of skills a person could use outside of a career in pizza.

“Over the next few years we will work hard to provide our apprentices and team members with the best training and development so that we can equip them with skills for life, not just for working in a restaurant,” said Kathryn Austin, director of HR and marketing at Pizza Hut Restaurants.

If there is a course on how exactly to make the perfect Hawaiian pie, we’d like to sign up. Getting the pineapple cooked just right but not too much is a trick it could be handy to master.

(Image via iStock)