Studies show that single people are doing really well, thanks very much

According to a 2014 study, one in every four adults will never be married. There are more single people roaming the earth than ever before, which might make you feel less alone if you don’t have an SO. More importantly, though, recent studies have shown that being single is commonly correlated with living a happy, healthy life—sometimes even happier and healthier than your married peers.

It’s frustrating to think that it’s 2017 and the single life is still stigmatized in a lot of ways. Single people tend to be portrayed in the media as these wandering, lost souls who take gross Tinder selfies and bar hop until they pass out every weekend. Well, science is here to prove that wrong.

In the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, a study was published showing that single people are more likely than married individuals to help out their friends and neighbors when they’re in need. They’re also more inclined to stay in touch with family members, offer them advice, and support them when they’re not doing so great. Sounds like they’re pretty good people, huh?

But that’s not all.

Single people are way more involved in their communities than married folks.

They volunteer more often with non profit organizations, hospitals, and educational groups. They also devote more time and energy to civic groups and public events compared to married people, including married people who don’t have any kids.

When it comes to emotional wellbeing, single folks are still doing really well. It’s not like we’re all sitting at home crying into a bucket of ice cream every night. Studies show that single people have had more experience with personal growth and, as a result, they have better self-confidence. They tend to be more innovative and enjoy a very well-rounded, meaningful life.

So there you have it. If you’re single, you’re probably doing pretty well for yourself. So don’t for a second believe that your life will be miserable just because you’re single.

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