Students are sharing their most inappropriate typos on Twitter, and we’re sweating

Writing papers is stressful. There’s researching, brainstorming, and deadlines. Plus, it’s super easy to miss typos when you’re rushing or have read something 100 times. And a student named Elena Trueba narrowly avoided (hilarious) disaster by doing one last proofread before submitting her work.

Trueba, who is a Master’s candidate in Religion, Ethics, & Politics at Harvard Divinity School, was about to turn in a big paper when she realized it contained a pretty major error. Instead of an actual title, the paper merely had a placeholder title in the form of “Working Title: Something Very Clever.”


Trueba shared the title in an April 22nd tweet with the caption, "ALMOST JUST SUBMITTED A PAPER WITH THIS TITLE very grateful there’s only a week of finals left. I am spent."

The tweet soon had over 8,000 likes, and inspired a wave of people sharing their most egregious school-related typos (not all of them as PG as Trueba’s).

Here are just a few of our favorites:

false false



We’re simultaneously cringing and cracking up. Fingers crossed that these profs all had a good sense of humor. After staring at a paper for hours, sometimes our brains end up shorting, and things we mean to delete end up making it to the final round. Basically, we get it, guys.

And hey, sometimes those mistakes can turn into beautiful projects, like this one Twitter user noted.

So if you end up submitting a paper with a blatant typo or unnecessary paragraph in there, don’t worry. You’re not the first. Plus, it just might even make your professor’s day.

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