Students are reunited with the teachers who changed their lives. Tears ensue.

Everyone has at least one teacher who completely changed their perception of what it means to be a student. These were the educators who went above and beyond; who believed in us when no one else seemed to; and who offered a respite from the terrors of adolescence. They made school tolerable, and inspired us with a love of learning so pure, that we never looked at education the same way again.

It’s rare that we actually get the opportunity to properly thank these stellar humans — but in a new video for A Plus, a few lucky students got to do just that, and the results are totally heartwarming. During what they believe to be a casual interview, the former students gush about the teachers who made the biggest impact on their lives. Across the board, it’s obvious that these teachers taught them more than what was on the syllabus: They encouraged their students to believe in themselves, and pushed them to prove the naysayers wrong.

The former students were then asked what they would say to these teachers if given the opportunity, and their answers boiled down to two simple words: Thank you.

In a sweet twist, it’s then revealed that the teachers have been listening the whole time — and from there, things get super emotional. (We recommend you keep a box of tissues close by.) Tears are shed and hugs are shared, and the students finally get to tell their beloved teachers face-to-face just how much they mean to them.

We think the video is the perfect reminder of how big a difference one person can make, and how important it is that we always voice our gratitude. The ultimate message of the video, of course, applies to all the exemplary teachers out there: Thank you for everything you do, because it means more than you’ll ever know.

(Image via YouTube/APlus.)

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