These high school students had a hilarious reaction to a mountain lion invading their campus

On Friday morning, Kennedy High School in the San Fernando Valley got an unexpected visitor- a mountain lion! Wandering onto campus during the morning, the wild animal caused a school-wide lockdown as authorities tried to find and tranquilize him, but not before he became a social media star, because of course.

You have to give it to these high school students, who responded on Twitter to the presence of a mountain lion with nothing but humor. I, for one, would have hidden under my desk and cowered. I’m glad to know that along with learning Algebra and Shakespeare, high school students are learning the art of sarcasm. Jon Cryer may have said, “Sarcasm is lost in print,” but it’s alive and well on Twitter!

First, the usual all-caps:

Along with some school spirit:

This would be an excellent excuse to miss a test:

Well someone’s got a gift for topical humor:

Pictures really cement the joke. (PS, I want one of those costumes.)

I’m always up for some good anthropomorphizing.


Trust teens to be on point with the jokes while giant furry death is looming nearby. We’d like to point out that experts do not recommend dissing a lion on Twitter to be one of the approved methods of surviving an encounter with them in the wild, but then again,  it’s doubtful those experts have ever tried this strategy. BTW, if you’re worried about Mr. Lion, he was successfully tranquilized and will be released back into the wild.

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