This student’s Zendaya-inspired look was called a dress code violation — the actress herself responds

Can we take a minute to appreciate the majesty that is Zendaya? Whether she’s slaying us on the red carpet or giving us life on Instagram, the actress and designer inspires us on many levels. This is especially true when it comes to style.

Zendaya reminds us to own whatever we’re wearing with a head held high and a smile on. No one knows this better than Hannah Whitley, a high school senior who copied one of the actress’s outfits and posted photo proof on Twittersaying that she got dress-coded for it. In true queen fashion, Zendaya responded to the tweet.

In the tweet, we see that Hannah has found inspiration in one of Zendaya’s Snapchat looks. Namely, by wearing a pair of paper bag trousers, a striped tank top, and some pointed flats. Yet, Hannah’s school still dress-coded her because she was being “too provocative.”

First off, we’d just like to say that the burden of others being distracted by girls’ outfits at school doesn’t fall on the girls. Especially when the outfits, like this one, aren’t actually provocative. (Are ankles a scandalous part of the body again?)

There’s nothing sexual about this outfit, and even Zendaya agrees.

In a reply to the tweet, the actress says, “Provocative….where??? You look amazing,” and honestly, we agree.

If we were Hannah, we’d print out Zendaya’s reply and bring it to the principal. That’s a receipt we would use to our advantage.

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