This is real life: A student stole a school bus to make it to his math test on time

When it comes to making up excuses for why you’re missing schoolwork, it’s easy to skip the plausible and go right for the over-imaginative: “My dog ate my homework and then was abducted by aliens;” “I have a signed letter from the President of the United States explaining why I need to skip PE (It’s cramps, OK? I have cramps!);” “Learning Algebra is against my vegetarian beliefs;” etc.

High school senior, Le-Aan Adonis was recently faced with a totally logical reason for missing class when his bus driver never showed up to drive him and his classmates the 18 miles to their school in Johannesburg, South Africa. Instead of calling it quits and heading home to watch Netflix – which is probably what my high school self would have done – Le-Aan climbed aboard the waiting bus, found the keys, and drove everyone to school.

He told a local news station that he was determined to not to miss an important math test, even if getting to the exam meant breaking the law. “One boy told me he has to get to school to write this subject because it’s very important to him and for me too,” Le-Aan said. “What were we going to do if all us matriculants didn’t write that paper?”

If that isn’t dedication, I don’t know what is.

Unfortunately, a traffic officer pulled Le-Aan over and fined the student 5,000 South African Rands – about 350 USD – for driving without a license or permit to operate a professional vehicle.

Le-Aan’s classmates are supporting his quick thinking. One told the news that she doesn’t think he should pay the fine because the entire debacle is the absent bus driver’s fault. Another fellow student expressed how grateful she was that Le-Aan took control of the situation. “He was like an experienced bus driver. He was very calm,” she said. “The best thing he did was when we all panicked, he told us to stay calm. He’s the one who carried the most responsibility.”

I never thought I’d wish a math test on anyone but my worst enemy, but I hope the school let Le-Aan sit for his exam. Dude totally earned it!

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