This college student slowly replaced family photos with pictures of her dog — and the results are glorious

Do you have some extra time on your hands and a really cute pup? Well, you might want to start filling your house with photos of your dog, just like this recent college grad did.

Marissa Hooper, 21, has been slowly (and meticulously) replacing photos around her house with impressively accurate recreations featuring her Chihuahua, Dixie.

When we say “impressively accurate recreations,” we mean it. She even got the pink floral pattern right in the shirt her older sister wore for a 1990’s school photo, and made Dixie look accomplished AF in a graduation photo.

“Dixie’s always been really photogenic," Hooper told Buzzfeed News.

Hooper’s mom, Kathryn, says she first discovered the swapped photos while a friend was visiting the house. According to Hooper, her mom “wasn’t amused.”

“It was kind of embarrassing," Kathryn told Buzzfeed News. "I don’t want people thinking that’s what I do in my spare time."

When Kathryn texted her daughter to tell her to stop, she also threw in a pretty searing burn: “Her graduation photo came out better than yours,” she wrote, referencing Dixie’s majestic graduation photo.

Understandably, the internet had a complete and utter meltdown when Hooper posted the photos online – she’s since been retweeted more than 18,000 times.

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