We want to see a heist movie about this student who fell through the ceiling while trying to steal test answers

How far would you be willing to go in order to pass an exam? Turns out the answer for some University of Kentucky students is pulling off a Mission Impossible-like stunt. Now we all want to see a heist movie about this student in theaters ASAP.

Henry Lynch II, a 21-year-old junior, along with his classmates, decided that studying for an exam just wasn’t for them. Instead, the group planned on breaking into their professor’s office and stealing the exam answers in the middle of the night. Maybe they should have asked Emma Watson for help? Anyway, there was only one problem with this plan. They didn’t expect their professor to still be there.

The guys climbed into the ceiling vents and made their way over to the locked office. They didn’t know that their UK statistics instructor John Cain was going to be working late that night. He went to grab some food but when he returned, he noticed that his door was blocked from the inside.

 “[Cain] yelled out that he was calling the police and then the door swung open and two young men ran down the hallway, UK spokesman Jay Blanton told Kentucky.com.

Later the students returned and had to fess up to their crime.

You’d think that a plan like this would never work, right? Well, you’d be wrong. It turns out that these guys have already stolen a few exams through this method before. No wonder they were so cocky! The air duct plan worked THREE TIMES BEFORE. Guess they really hate studying that much.

Unfortunately, there is no heist movie in their future. The administration is figuring out the proper way to pushing them as you read this. Next time, they should maybe hit the library instead.