A student accidentally submitted a paper with the embarrassing nickname she made up for her professor

We’ve all fallen victim to an embarrassing typo or messaging error at one time or another. It happens to the best of us. And one unfortunate college student just shared the terrible (yet hilariously relatable) moment when she realized she submitted a paper with her awkward nickname for her professor in the header.

Prepare to cringe in second-hand embarrassment.

Twitter user @Zoeyoxley wrote a paper for one of her college classes and submitted it through her school’s electronic submission system. However, she quickly realized she had submitted it with the placeholder professor name of…”Professor whats his nuts.” The horror.

Realizing she couldn’t go back and fix her mistake, she sent him an apology email, attempting to explain the error while reiterating how terribly sorry she was. She then tweeted about the whole debacle, entitling the post “A series of unfortunate events.”

And yes, the professor responded.


Fortunately, it seems like both parties were able to laugh off the unfortunate typo, but that didn’t stop Twitter from coming in hot with hilarious reactions.


So the next time you send the wrong text, email the wrong email, or say the wrong words, remember this story—and know you are not alone.

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