8 makeup struggles all women with glasses know too well

Not only are glasses functional, they’re also totally cute . . .  but that doesn’t mean they don’t get on our nerves, especially when it comes to makeup. While it’s totally possible to rock makeup and wear glasses, there are definitely some side effects and annoyances that people #blessed with perfect vision have never had to deal with.

Here are eight of the most common makeup and beauty struggles all people with glasses are all too familiar with:

1. Waiting for your foundation to dry so you can put your glasses on.


I don’t have all day here.

2. Putting your glasses on too early and getting them covered in concealer.


Funny, I don’t think my prescription entailed smeared Urban Decay.

3. Sweat + makeup = those glasses are not staying on your nose.


Bye glasses, nice knowing you.

4. Spending 20 minutes on your eye makeup only to cover it right up with glasses.


I guess this eye makeup will just be my little secret?

5. The feeling of your mascara-ed eyelashes against the lenses.


Ow, ow, ow, ow.

6. Since you can’t do eye makeup, you have to focus on other areas.


Nothing beats a bold lip. No, bolder.

7. The crease they leave in your makeup when you take them off at the end of the day.


Ugh, could other people see this?

8. When they’re on, they cover your hard work, when they’re off, you don’t look like yourself.


You just can’t win.

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