7 struggles of making friends when you work all the time

A major challenge adulting presents is finding a way to make friends when our schedules get busy. The sad (but kinda badass, TBH) fact is that some of us simply work too much to leave time for socializing and nurturing new relationships. Whether you’re trying to meet a lofty savings goal, land a big promotion, just really love what you do, or you’re working so hard just to keep your head above water, the reasons many of us work to the detriment of our social lives vary.

A telltale sign that you have absolutely no concept as to what a work-life balance even means is when you struggle to make friends because you work too much. Your job takes precedence over hanging out, and you can’t even remember the last time you made a new pal because your career has basically swallowed the rest of your life whole.

All work and no play is the most understated way to describe your practically non-existent social life. When it comes to making friends when you work all the time, the struggles are numerous and very real.

1It’s hard to get out of work mode.

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When you do manage to squeeze in some time to hang out, you struggle to relax and have a good time because your brain just will not stop ruminating on your professional obligations. During lulls in conversation, you respond to work emails or spend the downtime staring into your watered down drink wondering how you’re going to manage the workload that will be waiting for you tomorrow. Sure, your work life is thriving but unfortunately that comes at the expense of your flailing new friendships.

2You want to spend all your free time resting.

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We can’t actually prove this, but we’re pretty sure group naps don’t count as socializing. Not many potential friends get all gussied up for an outing where the itinerary includes nothing but sleep, but that would totally be fine with you! When you’re not grinding through your overwhelming workload, you’re generally too drained to capitalize on any opportunities to socialize and make new pals.

3Your intense work schedule makes socializing damn near impossible.

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So, that really cool group you spotted on MeetUp has a free millennial night a local museum…but it starts at 6 p.m. Unfortunately, you can’t make it because it is a miracle when you finish work before 7 p.m. Work: 3; making new friends: 0.

4No one invites you out.

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The group of colleagues who have extended an invite to after-work activities have stopped asking because they assume you’re just too swamped with projects to join them.

5You can’t do spontaneous gatherings because…work.

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A karaoke night in the middle of the week? Forget about it. A new friend you’re getting more acquainted with scored tickets to a concert tomorrow night or maybe one of your co-workers is SUPER bored and wants to hit up a bar for a couple drinks but, no. You’ll pass. You’re just too busy working, and there’s no way you can just drop that project to, ya know, have fun.

6 You’re so busy you frequently work through lunch.

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SIGH. Another missed opportunity to make new friends or hang out with the ones you vaguely remember already having.

7 ALL of your convos revolve around work.

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No matter how interesting your job is, no one wants to hear about your day at the office every time they hang out with you (unless you’re like a super hero or rock star, in which case, spill it all). Part of making new friends is bonding over experiences that show you’re a multi-dimensional person who has a life and identity outside of what you do for a living. But hey, you can’t help it if your work is your passion. Not like you have any time to see people to bore them with your work talk anyway. Shrug.